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Taking A Stroll Through Time

We are back after yet ANOTHER hiatus. Sorry about that, life tends to get in our way. This week we discuss the impossibility (or possibility) of traveling through time. Since neither one of us know what we are talking about, it makes for quite an interesting episode!

Life Lessons

This week we dig into the life lessons that have taught us lessons throughout our lives (hence the title). We explore another episode of deep feelings, and discover ways that we can improve our lives with just some simple phrases.

Turn the Page

This week, we dive into one of our favorite pastimes: BOOKS! We don't read as much as we would like to (just another joy of being parents to toddlers), but we thoroughly enjoy it when we do. We discuss our favorite books, our thoughts on illustrations, and why we prefer a soft cover novel over a hard cover.


We're back! Coming off of a short hiatus, we delve deep into the meaning of...well, everything; Happiness, family, and a nice healthy rant on the decline of intelligence in America. Guaranteed to be a good listen or your money back! (Because this is a free podcast, ya see?)

Don't Fret

This week we explore our passion: GUITARS! We discuss our musical origins, our views on digital amplification, and who deserves (and a few that don't deserve) to be considered our favorite guitarists of all time!

Dive Into the Deep End

We thought we would try something a little different this week, and we live-streamed this episode over Facebook live! We got pretty deep in this episode, and we got down into the nitty-gritty feelings of depression, anxiety, and the fear everyone feels when it comes to discussing this crazy little thing called everyday life.

A Trip to the Cinemas

Let's take a stroll through downtown movie land! We discuss our favorite films, actors, actresses, the rise of Netflix, and the fall of Blockbuster. Guaranteed to be a riveting audio experience for your listening pleasure!

A Pizza My Heart

We will be talking about something we can all agree on: FOOD! We will discuss America’s dependency on cheese, the finer points of grilling, and the age-old question that has seemingly divided the nation: Does pineapple really go on pizza?


In this episode, we talk about one of Bruce's favorite subject: CARS! We dive into our favorite cars of all time, the disappearance of the manual transmission, the future of transportation, alternative methods of travel, efficiency and more!

The Rise and Fall of Metal Music

In episode 1, we discuss our favorite music genre: METAL! We discuss our favorite albums, the current state of metal music, overrated artists, underrated artists, and just our general views on where the direction of music in general will go. We might have gone over a little bit and elaborated a little more than we were planning, but we are just so passionate about metal!

The Introduction

Here is the trailer for the beginning of Stuff Among Other Things. We introduce ourselves, tell you a little bit about who we are, what we do, and what will be coming. Stay tuned, there is much, much more to come!

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